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Wellsites & Field Facilities

Equinox has designed and installed thousands of wellheads, wellhead tie-ins and wellhead flowlines, gathering systems, trunk and group lines as well as field facilities (including compression, dehydration and refrigeration).

Our experience includes Coal Seam Gas wellheads and gathering system design as well as industry leading expertise in unconventional wellsite design with 12 to 18 wells per pad.

For wellsite tie-ins, Equinox will provide the expertise required to specify, size and utilize the appropriate equipment including separators, wet and dry meter skids, in-line heaters, condensate pump skids, methanol injection pumps and storage tanks, corrosion inhibitor pumps and storage tanks, PSV’s, flare knock out drums and flare stacks as needed.


Recent Projects


Western Surat Gas Project (CSG)

Concept Select study for major Coal Seam Gas development in Western Surat basin, evaluating up to 1000 wells and the construction and operation of supporting infrastructure with targeted production throughput rate of 35–50 TJ per day. Recommendations and cost estimates for all components of a facility program:

  • Wellsite Facilities (including metering, separation, desanding, controls, power)
  • Gathering Systems (hydraulics, material selection, route selection, etc.)
  • Infield Compression (field compression, nodal compression)
  • Central Processing Facility
  • Water Treatment
  • Power Generation
  • Transmission pipelines




Tupper Wellsites

Concertual design through to EPCM for 600 unconventional wells. Each well pad has 1 to 12 expandable wellheads. Wells are located in Montney Zones with rates of 3.25 TJ per well. There are sales pipelines, trucklines and gathering lines included in this project. A typical well pad includes: a group separator (with metering package and test separator), line heaters, a temporary rental well sand separator, an HP flare stack & knock-out drum, an RTU/TEG building skid (including communication) and chemical tanks and pumps (inhibitor and methanol).



Ojay Sour Wellsites & Dehydration Facility (30 TJ)

FEED and Detail Design for mole sieve dehydration facility (30 TJ at 20% H2S, 7% CO2), as well as sour (10 TJ at 20% H2S) wellsites (with line heaters), along with 5 km of sweet fuel gas pipeline and 3 sour gas process lines.