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Simple Cycle – Gas driven, reciprocating

Equinox has installed dozens of natural gas fired, reciprocating engine generators (gensets) to generate power for remote hydrocarbon facilities. Projects will typically include natural gas (or diesel) driven generators for power (or emergency back-up power) along with transformer, switchgear and MCC.

Projects Include


Glacier Gas Plant

This 7.3 MW project includes 3 x 2.3 MW gensets (Cat 3520H) and 400 kW emergency genset along with switchgear building, power transformer and MCC building


Musreau Gas Plant – Phase 1

This Musreau Gas Processing Facility with 50 TJ design flowrate and 800 bpd of liquids recovery includes inlet separation, condensate stabilisation, inlet compression, refrigeration, sales compression. Power generation include 1300 kW generator installed by Equinox.


West Doe Gas Plant

The West Doe gas plant includes 4 x 570 kW natural gas gensets, plus a 4.8 MW gas turbine generator.