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Front End Engineering & Design

Equinox provides comprehensive Front End Engineering Design (FEED) services for processing facility and infrastructure projects including Class V, Class VI, and Class III type estimates.

The FEED typically follows the Concept or Feasibility stage, where Equinox will further refine the engineering work to develop the overall Design Basis and develop Execution Plans and Schedules. Typical engineering design drawings are advanced to the Issue for Approval (IFA) or Issue for HAZOP (IFH) stage, with all major equipment being identified and RFQ’d allowing for a refined cost estimate.

Our Process Engineering department has extensive experience with a wide range of additional process studies for upstream processing and treating facilities.

Recent FEED Projects


Fairview Coal Seam Gas Facilities

Development of greenfield ‘Standard Design’ 60 TJ Central Processing Facility (including inlet header, slug catcher, compression, dehydration, coalescer and metering).

Design modularized for simplified execution and construction in Surat / Bowen basin regions, with pipe rack module dimensions designed for travel on Queensland roads without need for escort or pilot vehicles. Option for gas engine or electric drive compressors. Extensive civil engineering review of steel piles compared to concrete pads and piles for structural support for piperack and equipment modules.


Scotia Coal Seam Gas Facilities

Brownfield plant expansion from 30 TJ to 80 TJ (including inlet separation, compression, dehydration, sales gas metering, and utilities), utilizing existing Standard Design package for gas processing plant design.


Wapiti Gas Plant (300 TJ)

FEED with Class III estimate for sour gas processing facility with 300 TJ of liquids rich, raw inlet gas. Facility will be designed to be twinned (2 x 150TJ) and would include inlet separation, condensate stabilization, inlet compression, sales compression (gas turbine centrifugal), amine sweetening, refrigeration, acid gas injection and power generation (40 MW).


Duvernay Sour Gas (200 TJ) Gas Plant

FEED with Class III estimate for sour gas processing facility with 200 TJ of liquids rich, raw inlet gas. Facility would include inlet separation, condensate stabilization, inlet & sales compression, amine sweetening & acid gas disposal, refrigeration and de-ethanizer, power generation, storage.


Brintnell Oil Production Facilities & Water Handling (90,000 bpd)

FEED study to evaluate and upgrade oil and water facilities and pipelines to accommodate production growth from 30,000 to 90,000 bpd in Brintnell field. This conventional / heavy oil program including Class III Cost Estimate, Design Basis, Project Execution Plan, Schedule, complete Engineering Drawings Package (IFA/IFH) for:

  • Upgrade and expansion of 3 existing oil batteries
  • Design and installation of new 38,000 bpd oil battery and 100,000 bpd produced water treatment facility
  • 20 km x 8” emulsion gathering pipelines
  • 15 km x 10” sales pipeline, 15 km x 4” fuel gas, 15 km x 4” condensate pipelines