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Concept Select

Equinox provides early stage Concept Select services for hydrocarbon facility and infrastructure projects for clients looking to gain preliminary design options and high level (+/- 50%) cost estimates. Equinox specializes in Coal Seam Gas developments regarding field facilities (wellsites, gathering lines, roads, civil), compression (field and nodal), Central Processing Facilities (gas treatment, water treatment, power generation) and transmission pipelines.

Through client consultation, and evaluation of any existing process conditions – Equinox provides comprehensive Concept Studies to aid in the overall development plan. Equinox has wide ranging experience – from small single facilities up to multi-billion dollar infrastructure programs.

Recent Projects


Western Surat Gas Project (CSG)

Concept Select study for major Coal Seam Gas development in Western Surat basin, evaluating up to 1000 wells and the construction and operation of supporting infrastructure with targeted production throughput rate of 35–50 TJ per day. Recommendations and cost estimates for all components of a facility program:

  • Wellsite Facilities (including metering, separation, desanding, controls, power)
  • Gathering Systems (hydraulics, material selection, route selection, etc.)
  • Infield Compression (field compression, nodal compression)
  • Central Processing Facility
  • Water Treatment
  • Power Generation
  • Transmission pipelines



Kobes Infrastructure (Unconventional Gas – 440 TJ)

Concept Select study for unconventional gas program including Class V Cost Estimate, Design Basis, Project Execution Plan, Schedule, complete Engineering Drawings Package (IFR) for:

  • Wellsites and Gathering lines (1,000 wells situated at 72 multiwell well pads)
  • Field Compressor Stations (2 x 220 TJ compression / dehydration field facilities)
  • Central Processing Facility (440 TJ)
  • Sales pipelines and Trunklines (12" and 24" pipelines);
  • Water handling
  • Power generation (5.5 MW)



Lower Montney Gas Plant (Unconventional Gas 300 TJ)

Concept Select with Class IV estimate for sour gas processing facility with 300 TJ of liquids rich, raw inlet gas. Facility will be designed to be twinned and would include inlet separation, condensate stabilization, inlet compression, sales compression (gas turbine centrifugal), amine sweetening, mole sieve dehydration, cryogenic liquids recovery (turboexpander) and sulphur recovery.



Saleski East Heavy Oil (SAGD) Central Processing Facilities (60,000 bpd)

Concept Select study for heavy oil production program including Class IV Cost Estimate, Design Basis, Project Execution Plan, Schedule, complete Engineering Drawings Package (IFA) for:

  • 7 x SAGD Production Wellpads (21 wellpairs each)
  • Emulsion & Casing Vent Gas gathering lines
  • Steam Distribution Pipelines
  • Central Processing Facility (2 x 30,000 bpd phases)
  • Sulphur Plant (Amine + Claus)
  • Water Treatment (Evaporator, OTSG)
  • Cogeneration (85 MW Gas Turbine + HRSG)