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Equinox provides its clients with award winning facility designs that exceed environmental industry standards. These gas processing projects were all honored with the prestigious Responsible Energy Performance awards.

After having designed and constructed more than sixty (60) gas processing trains, Equinox is an industry leader in eliminating emissions in gas processing facilities. Our sophisticated, environmentally friendly designs ensure that emissions are minimized, and regulatory requirements are met or exceeded.

Dawson (120 TJ) Gas Plant– LOW EMISSION FACILITY

CAPP Chairman’s Award

The Dawson Gas Plant was awarded the Chairman’s Award by the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers / Responsible Canadian Energy awards. Designed as a Low Emissions Facility – the overall design includes emission reducing practices such as electrification, high efficiency motors and acid gas injection. The combination of high efficiency and lowered greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions makes this an award winning design.


Pouce South (60 TJ) Gas Plant – LOW EMISSION FACILITY

Environmental Performance Award

Award winning environmental stewardship was demonstrated it the design of the Phase I and II of the Pouce South 60 TJ sour gas plant. Equinox is proud to have designed the facility which was awarded the CAPP Environmental Performance award.



Debolt Water Treatment (16,000 m3/d) Facility

Environmental Performance Award

The Debolt Water Treatment Facility (in remote northern Canada) utilizes an unconventional source of saline subsurface water by tapping into the Debolt Aquifer approximately 800 meters below the surface. Water extracted from the aquifer that contains H2S is first treated then placed in a storage facility to be used for hydraulic fracturing purposes throughout the region. Water pipelines then transport water from extraction wells back into the Debolt aquifer. The facility design utilizes a leading edge processing technology which is a proprietary, confidential process.